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Morcilla (Spanish black rice pudding) 400 gr.


Morcilla (black pudding), a Spanish tradition that makes a fine tapa. Increasingly present in the modern kitchen for its exquisite taste and its versatility: in puff pastry, pies, scrambled, grilled or pan fried … Always delicious!

There are two types Malagueña and Burgos the first being made with onion and the second with rice.

With the Malagueña (Southern) made with caramelized onion. Only the very large variety was selected, with its strong robust flavour and firm protective skin. Planted in the spring and pampered in the family garden, it was harvested in autumn with great yields, hanging in aerated branches in a dry place for its conservation.

The Burgos (Northern) supporting ingredient rice which is added lightly cooked at low temperature which infuses the spices into the grain. This morcilla can be eaten “raw” (since it is already cooked), or fried, roasted, or smoked.

It combines very well in rolls, pintxos or slow cooked with legumes (beans, lentils or chickpeas), making a stew not only a gastronomic delight but also a dish with great nutritional value.

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SKU: Morcilla - Spanish black rice pudding Categories: , Tags: , ,
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