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Manchego is produced from sheep’s milk and comes from the La Mancha region, which is also the home of Don Quixote. It is made from pasteurised sheep’s milk and is one of the most popular cheeses Spain.

There are three main varieties – semi-cured, cured and Viejo(aged)

Semi Cured, aged for 3 months and has a buttery texture and milk fruity flavour. Perfect to use in sauces, for cheese boards and croquettes. Comes in rounds between 3-3.5kg.

Cured, is aged for 6 months has a crumbly texture and rounded flavour. This cheese can be used for cheese boards, pintxos or shaved and grated as a replacement for the popular pecorino or parmigiano. Wheels come between 2.6 to 3kg.

Viejo is aged for 9 months, it is firm, more intense and crumbly in texture with a lingering palet. Fantastic combination with quince paste in desserts and also with pintxos de Jamon or other fine-cured meats. Wheels come between 2.8-3.2kg.

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SKU: Manchego Cheese PDO Category: Tags: , ,


Great accompanied by a dry or semi-dry fruity white wine or a smooth red wine.


Firm and compact cheese with small eyes. Slightly yellow colour and slightly acidic lactic aroma. Taste slightly acidic and medium to strong according to if semi matured or matured.

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3 months, 6 months

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